Rum Journal: From Guadeloupe, the Spirit of St Barth

THE FRENCH WEST INDIES is a global rum hub — making the world’s best rhum agricole distilled from locally-grown sugar cane.

And we’ve long been fans of the wonderful rhums of Guadeloupe. Of course, these rhums are traditionally difficult to find outside of the Guadeloupe archipelago or mainland France.

That’s no longer the case, however, thanks to French football star Mikael Silvestre.

Silvestre, who plays for the Portland Timbers of Major League Soccer (and has played for Manchester United and Arsenal), currently lives on the island of St Barth, where he spends the off-season.

A lover of rhum in his own right, several years ago he sought out to create a rhum worthy of St Barth, which does not have its own local rum producer. And he found the right rhum at a distillery in Guadeloupe.

While the company won’t reveal its name for now, one thing is clear — it’s the real thing.

Rum Journal tasted St Barth’s white rum, which will be part of a wider release of three rhums (two of which will be dark, aged rhums).

The white rhum, called “cool,” has floral and citrus notes and a decidedly smooth finish. And it’s perfect in a signature Ti’ Punch.

All in all, it’s exceptional — and we look forward to the wider release.

— CJ


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