Montserrat Premier Courts Hotel Investors in United Arab Emirates


Above: the view from Little Bay

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A delegation led by Montserrat Premier Reuben Meade headed to the United Arab Emirates this weekend, seeking hotel investment in the island.

The team included Meade, Director of Infrastructure at the Montserrat Development Corporation John Cox and Chairman John Ryan.

It followed a meeting with the same investors in Dubai in January, who had expressed interest in a hotel and “upscale villa development” in the Little Bay area, according to the government.

The hotel property would be located in the town portion of the Little Bay project, which headlines Montserrat’s development hopes.

Before leaving, Meade said he was “quite optimistic in the overall success of the Dubai meeting,” something he called “another impactful step forward for the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.”

Following the Dubai trip, Meade is traveling to Brussels to secure funding for Montserrat’s planned Little Bay Port Project.


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