Meade: Tourism “Critical” to Sustained Development in Montserrat


Above: Montserrat

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Tourism is an industry “critical to the sustained development and the maintenance of livelihoods in Montserrat,” Premier Reuben Meade said in his budget address this week.

The Montserratian leader said the government would work in 2013 to consolidate the island’s tourism-related assets to improve its product.

Part of that will mean new institutional arrangements to bring the Tourism Board, Culture, the National Trust and related organizations all under a single umbrella.

Some of the government’s priorities for 2013 include expanding and diversifying Montserrat’s tourism product, enhanced visitor attractions and amenities, upgraded service and improved air and sea access.

Last year, Montserrat launched a new tourism brand, dubbed “Montserrat: Relaxation Redefined.”

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