Haiti’s Martelly Welcomes New Ambassador from European Union


Above: Haiti President Michel Martelly and EU Ambassador Javier Pérez Niño (Photo: OP Haiti)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti President Michel Martelly accepted the credentials Monday of the European Union’s new Ambassador, Javier Pérez Niño.

Niño, a native of Spain, was joined by Joao De Santana, the Charge d’Affaires of the EU’s delegation in Haiti.

He assured Martelly of his willingness to work “closely in collaboration” with Haiti’s government, aiming to strengthen cooperative relations between the two sides.

Martelly said he planned to hold talks with Niño soon to discuss Haiti’s priorities ahead of the EU’s new Action Plan for the years 2014 to 2020.

The European Union has three member states with diplomatic missions in Haiti.

A fourth, Great Britain, announced its plans to establish its first embassy in Haiti since 1966.

The new British Embassy in Haiti will report to the British Ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

Martelly accepted the credentials of another European country, Denmark, in May.


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