US Virgin Islands Police Arrest Three Suspects in Shooting of St Croix Chief


By the Caribbean Journal staff

Police in St Croix have arrested three persons in connection with the shooting of St Croix Police Chief Christopher Howell and Police Officer Elsworth Jones.

Detectives of the Virgin Islands’ Criminal Investigation Bureau have arrested two adults and one juvenile in connection with the shootings, which occurred at a roadblock set up following an armed robbery.

Alphonso Butler, aged 23, along with Melville Parris, 52, and a 16-year-old juvenile were arrested Sunday evening.

Bail has been set for the two adult suspects for $500,000 each, which they were unable to post.

The suspects were remanded to the Golden Grove Correctional Facility pending a hearing on their Advice of Rights.

The juvenile suspect was remanded to the Youth Rehabilitation Centre pending his appearance in Juvenile Court, according to a police statement.

The suspects were arrested following a tip provided by a citizen that “proved to be crucial” to finding Butler, police said. Butler had a “large amount of cash and ammunition on his person.”

Further investigation led to the issuance of a warrant for the arrest of Parris, who, police, said, has an “extensive” criminal record.

“It has been the proudest moment I’ve had since becoming a part of the VIPD,” said Police Commissioner Henry White, Jr. “I had the opportunity to see first hand, the officers respond to two critical incidents almost simultaneously. Both crimes scenes and subsequent investigations were conducted with the utmost professionalism. The training acquired by the officers was clearly evident as they conducted a ‘full court press’ at both crime scenes.'”

White was sworn in as Police Commissioner in March.

Authorities had reported Sunday that the two officers were in stable condition, although additional surgeries may be required.