Grenada Seeks Stronger Link With Track and Field Athletes in Diaspora


Above: Grenada (CJ Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Grenada’s government is collaborating with the Grenada Athletics Association (GAA) and the Grenada Olympic Committee (GOC) to create a greater linkage between Grenada and track and field athletes in the Diaspora, according to Youth Empowerment and Sports Minister Patrick Simmons.

The Minister confirmed that a meeting is being planned for later this year that will involve athletes and officials in the Diaspora.

“We want to create a greater coordination between Grenada and the athletes outside in the Diaspora,” he said.

According to Simmons, the GAA is the driving force behind this meeting where they are expected to meet the majority, if not all, of Grenada’s foreign-based track and field athletes in New York.

The GAA is expected to officially inform the athletes as well as finalized the agenda for the proposed meeting.

“This meeting should provide an opportunity for us to discuss strategies on how we go forward in terms of keeping that line of communication open among the Ministry, the GAA, the GOC and the athletes themselves so they will be able to get better support from the Olympic Committee, better support from the Ministry and better support from the Athletics Association,” he said.

Grenada’s Consulate-General in New York is also coordinating some of the initial discussions, and there has been communication with stakeholders in Grenada.

“Our office has made progress in securing the venue and some of the advanced logistics and our Press Attaché has been coordinating with the Ministry, the Olympic Committee and the Athletics Association,” said Consul General Derrick James.

Only recently, the government announced plans to develop a home-grown athletics programme which will involve student-athletes remaining at home to pursue tertiary education as well as train with the nation’s qualified coaches.

The Sports Minister said that initial discussions have taken place with the Ministry of Education and they are expected to partner with the St George’s University (SGU). However, he said no discussions have taken place with SGU as yet.

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