Haiti Hosts Visit by Former US President Bill Clinton, With Focus on Tourism


Above: President Clinton on a visit to the Caracol Industrial Park earlier this year (Photo: Clinton Foundation)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Former US President Bill Clinton was in Haiti Thursday leading an investment delegation to the country.

The visit is looking to identify sites for future tourism development in Haiti, particularly in the southern area of the country.

Part of that strategy seeks to help promote cultural and historical attractions in areas including Jacmel and the Sans-Souci Palace.

Clinton’s foundation has allocated $2.5 million since the earthquake in Haiti targeting long-term rebuilding projects in the country.

Last year, that included funding for a housing conference, support for a back to school intuitive and a building grant for Haiti’s government.

The Clinton Foundation played a key part in facilitating the agreement between Marriott and Digicel for a new hotel in Port-au-Prince. The Clinton Foundation’s Haiti Fund has raised a total of $16.4 million for projects, supplies and other causes in Haiti, according to its Web site.

Haiti, led by Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin, is looking to rebrand itself into an international destination.


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