Grenada Appoints Dr George Vincent as Country’s New Tourism Minister


Above: Grenadian Prime Minister Tillman Thomas

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Grenada has named Dr George Vincent as the country’s new Tourism Minister, following the resignation of former Tourism Minister Peter David last week.

Vincent will be sworn in on Monday as a Senator and the new Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture.

“Dr Vincent brings to the position the requisite knowledge, experience, respect and track record to effectively perform the requirements of that position,” Prime Minister Tillman Thomas said in an address to the nation Thursday night. “I wish to welcome him graciously into our cabinet and look forward to a harmonious and collaborative relationship in the continued service of our country.”

Thomas also appointed Senator Arley Gill as Special Envoy on Ocean Governance, a post that will include Ambassadorial status.

That work will involve the delimitation of Grenada’s boundaries, a matter that made headlines this week after a reported – and then denied — rift between Trinidad and Grenada over oil blocks in the area near the countries’ maritime borders.

Thomas’ address came after the high-profile resignation of David and a decision by the opposition to pursue a motion of no confidence in Parliament.

“I want to assure you that my government remains strong and that we will continue to aggressively pursue our agenda for the creation of jobs and the socioeconomic enhancement of our country,” Thomas said.

The Prime Minister said “some” had strayed from the core values of his party, exhibiting “actions and behaviours that are inconsistent with our party’s values and the constitutional oath we all took when we were sworn in as ministers of government.”

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