Guyana, Canada Talk Investment


Above: Environment Minister Robert Persaud and Canadian High Commissioner David Devine (Photo: GINA)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Guyanese Natural Resources Minister Robert Persaud joined Canadian High Commissioner David Devine at a video conference with Canadian investors yesterday.

Persaud said the government was open to continued work with Canadian investors, with whom it has partnered on several projects, including a high-profile gold mining deal last month with Sandspring Resources.]

“Guyana’s natural resources setter is a very important sector for our economy, particularly in the areas of mining,” Persaud said. “All aspects of it such as gold, diamond and manganese, and the exploration activities of oil and gas.”

Guyanese President Donald Ramotar recently said Guyana needed a more streamlined, integrated approach to the management of its natural resources.

According to Persaud, the government was pleased with the contributions of Canadian investors in the country.

“We are very appreciative of the contributions so far,” he said. “Our government is open for business, more so for increased activities within the mining sector. We want to let every single investor feel comfortable.”


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