CARICOM, Australia Pledge Cooperation


Above: Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd (Photo: Australian Gov.)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Australia and CARICOM pledged to build on a growing partnership today, in a bit to address development challenges in the Caribbean.

The two parties were in Perth for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, where Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and Grenadian Foreign Minister Karl Hood met.

Rudd and Hood are the co-chairs of the Australia-Caribbean Community Foreign Ministers meeting.

Of particular interest were Australia and CARICOM’s large stretches of coral reefs, both of which are among the largest in the world.

“Working together to address the serious degradation that our coral reefs are facing is a great example of the partnership Australis is forging with the Caribbean Community,” Rudd said. “Through this initiative, Australia and CARICOM countries are sharing valuable expertise and knowledge to make a real difference to the marine environment.”