Canada, Haiti Meet on Reconstruction


Above: Canadian Minister of International Cooperation Beverly Oda (UN Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Canadian Minister of International Cooperation Beverly Oda concluded a three-day trip to Haiti today, visiting the county to look at the progress of recovery and reconstruction.

Oda met with President Michel Martelly, along with newly-named Prime Minister Garry Connille.

“I am able to report that progress is being made in the recovery and reconstruction of Haiti after the earthquake,” she said. “The rebuilding of Haiti will take many years. We must all remember the challenges that Haiti was facing prior to the earthquake.”

Oda also visited the Jeanty Hospital in Port-au-Prince, where Canada is partnering with the Pan American Health Organization to provide free health services for low-income pregnant women.

“Our efforts must improve the living conditions for the people of Haiti and benefit future generations,” ehs said. “These efforts must be led by the Haitian people, and Canada remains committed to this long-term process.”


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