The Power of the Caribbean Diaspora


Above: Executive Producer Dr Keith Nurse

By the Caribbean Journal staff

“Forward Home,” a documentary which takes a look at the way the Caribbean diaspora travels, and its significant economic impact on the region, has been released on DVD following its September premiere in Toronto.

The film examines the economic power of Caribbean transnational communities, and the diasporic peoples who straddle two worlds: their Caribbean homelands, and global cities around the world.

It examines four major relationships — between Jamaica and London, Guyana and Toronto, Suriname and Amsterdam and the Dominican Republic and New York.

“The documentary maps the uncharted territory of diasporic tourism, and provides empirical evidence to support what we have known anecdotally, which is that the diasporic economy is of huge significance to the diversification and competitiveness of the Caribbean economy,” said executive producer Dr Keith Nurse, who is the director of the Shridath Ramphal Centre in Barbados.

The film’s research will be published in a special edition of the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal.

It was produced by Trinidad media professionals Lisa Wickham and Sheldon Felix of Imagine Media International Limited.

See the film’s poster below:


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