Jamaica Signs Deal with US Solar Firm


Jamaica’s Department of Local Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding Friday with US-based Green RG Management to test its solar technology in Jamaica.

The tests will determine the feasibility of the technology for Jamaica, beginning with using the technology in government facilities.

GreenRG has committed to retrofitting the Agriculture Ministry’s building with LED lights, solar equipments and window tinting to reduce its light bill by 20 percent.

“We will actually be retrofitting some solar, LED lighting technology to actually try to pull them off the grid considerably,” said Alfred Heyer, managing partner at GreenRG. “We will also be working on some streetlight programmes and other programmes that will actually reduce the government’s energy demand.”

The company reportedly made an unsolicited offer to the Jamaican government to test the technology on streetlights, buildings, water pumps and other infrastructure at no cost to the government.

As part of the MOU, GreenRG will be required to provide reports and audits of its technology systems every six months.

–Jamaica Information Service