In St Lucia, Trading Luxury for Security


By the Caribbean Journal staff

A new piece of sunset legislation will come into effect during the course of the new financial year in St Lucia, imposing a tax of one percent on luxury goods in St Lucia.

The tax is aimed at funding security initiatives by the government.

“It is therefore recommended that the security tax bill be enacted to assist government in financing initiatives to heighten security in Saint Lucia and reduce crime,” Prime Minister Stephenson King said. “More and more our country, our people are being called on to provide and introduce measures to secure themselves. It is not only in Saint Lucia, it is throughout the world.”

According to King, the tax imposition will not impact the poor and disadvantaged nor the food basket of government-subsidised goods.

Earlier last week, the government announced it would be installing a CCTV system aimed at combating crime in the country.


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