CJ Spotlight: Major Daps


Born in Clarendon, Jamaica, Major Daps is working on a synergy of the roots reggae music of the past with that of the present. In this CJ Spotlight, we talk to Major Daps about what makes his music and what his music means. To see his definition of reggae music, click here.

Talk about your music.

I do reggae music – positive reggae music to uplift the people. For the future is here right now, so we’re going beyond the future to teach the next generation – that’s how we roll.

Who are your inspirations?

Everybody that does positive work in the music field, from the heart, is my inspiration, really. But my main inspiration as a youth growing up was Lieutenant Stitchie, because of how he wrote lyrics and represented to other people. That would be my inspiration — to climb the ladder of success.

How would you describe your music?

I would say a positive vibration for everyone’s heart to feel, in a positive sense. Just to uplift everyone – culturally, in a mental way, and to be an inspiration. I would describe my music as message music.

How much is spirituality a part of your music?

A million percent or more. That’s how it goes – a million percent or more spiritual. It’s all spiritual. – it never changes.

You’ve lived in Jamaica and in the US. Does your music take on aspects of where you live?

Yes. From my upbringing coming up, whenever i would venture out of one area to the next, it’s an experience. So it brings a lot more to your knowledge, so you write from where you’re coming from, where you’re headed, where you’re going. That’s how it has to be – you write what you experience, what you believe, and what you know. So my music comes across through the powers of Rastafari, that’s how it rise.

What are you working on right now?

Currently working on another project to come out. I just finished Dapsthology – it’s already on the road. Then we’re working on finishing the album.

To hear the single “Play Jah Music” from Major Daps’ “Dapsthology,” click here: 01 Play Jah Music



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