Caribbean Airlift and Caribbean Tourism

By Julio Orozco Op-Ed Contributor The importance of ‘Accessibility’ particularly Air Access and its relationship to the viability of the Regional Tourism Industry cannot be over stated. The tourism industry is heavily reliant on air transport for tourists/visitors for business and […]

Rethinking Caribbean Tourism Education

By Ryan Peterson Op-Ed Contributor It is no secret that sustainable tourism is imperative to the wealth and wellness of Caribbean island economies. From ‘green’ to ‘eco’, ‘small’ to ‘slow’, ‘responsible’ to ‘resilient’, there is no shortage of ideas nor […]


Op-Ed: Why Do Legal Cases in Jamaica Take So Long?

By David Rowe Op-Ed Contributor THERE ARE a number of big legal cases which have attracted the attention of Jamaicans both locally and overseas in recent months, most notably the recently-concluded Vybz Kartel case. What’s noteworthy about almost all of […]

Investing in Haiti

By Ilio Durandis CJ Contributor THERE IS nothing more important to Haiti at this moment than new investments and modernization of the business sector. However, talking about investing in Haiti is not the same thing as having direct investment in […]

Op-Ed: Obama and the Caribbean

  By David Rowe Op-Ed Contributor IF UNITED STATES PRESIDENT Barack Obama’s foreign policy can be criticized, it can be on the basis that it has been somnolent and reactionary with regard to Caribbean policy. Neither the United States nor […]

Op-Ed: Only Small Business Can Save the Bahamian Economy

By Mark A Turnquest Op-Ed Contributor National policymakers in the Bahamas have focused on top-down economic strategies to improve the tourism, financial services and construction industries for almost 40 years. However, after all is said and done, the Bahamas, as […]

Durandis: An Injustice in Haiti’s Caracol

By Ilio Durandis CJ Contributor Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, wrote that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” These words were written in the context that one could not just sit […]


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