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Nigel Spence: Two New Recipes for Thanksgiving

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor As the Thanksgiving Holiday rolls around, with it comes a flurry of activity and excitement as families prepare to master the most important of all meals – the Thanksgiving Feast. Supermarket shelves fully stacked with […]


How to Make Jamaican Hummus

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor Landing in the heart of Tel Aviv was certainly not part of my normal playbook, but became a reality when I accepted an invitation to attend a wedding ceremony. After thirteen hours of travel with […]


Nigel Spence's Recipe for Scotch Bonnet Salt

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor As you may have read, multiple times I am sure, my favorite time of year is December, my favorite month of the year is August but my all time favorite weekend event of the year […]


How This Mystery Ingredient Helps Make the Perfect Caribbean Cocktail

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor Have you ever woken up with a particular craving and nothing you eat or drink throughout the day satisfies you until you get exactly what you are craving?  Well, that was me the other day. I could […]

Why Jamaica Always Delivers

A Jamaican odyssey By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor Every time I find myself in Jamaica, it never fails to amaze me that despite its economic woes, sprinkled with crime and violence, there is a vibe that infects me upon arrival […]

Your New Jamaican Pork Recipe

pork recipe

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor It is said that China is the world’s largest pork consumer, housing about 476 million pigs, according to the Earth Policy Institute.  What I know is if they took stats for Jamaica alone, my Dad, […]

Nigel Spence: A Lobster Roll Recipe Fit for a Caribbean Summer

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor Bwoy, I hear seh Jamaica slowly a fret again! No sooner than dem get hit with the mosquito-borne disease Chik-V, which according to the song, “mek a bag a young people walk ole” is as […]

Nigel Spence: A Recipe for Crab Cakes, Jamaican Style

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor There was great excitement in Jamaica last week as President Barack Obama paid a visit to our island paradise. He was the first sitting US President in over 30 years to have made an official […]

Nigel Spence Has Your New (Healthy) Caribbean Dessert Recipe

Above: Chef Nigel Spence By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor This New Year 2015, like many years past, offers a chance of renewed energy to fulfill failed resolutions, achieve newly set goals and to live your dreams. For years, my New […]

A New Recipe For Braised Chicken

Above: Chef Nigel Spence’s Ripe Kitchen and Bar By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor Recently, I’ve been hearing about more and more people in Jamaica contracting a new disease called Chikungunya which has been making its way throughout the Caribbean and […]

How to Make Jamaican Peppered Shrimp

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor As a kid I remember very well my brother teaching me to drive my grandfather’s old beat up blue stick shift Vauxhall Viva that was always parked in the driveway at home, while my grandfather […]

Recipe For a Caribbean Summer

By Nigel Spence CJ Contributor SUMMER IS officially here folks!  It’s time to clean up that grill and get your barbecue on…

Many of you may think that grilling is a simple matter of lighting some charcoal and searing your choice […]


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