5 Small Caribbean Islands You Should Visit Now

It’s something all Caribbean Journal readers have in common (other than loving to travel to the Caribbean): you love small islands. Sure, bigger destinations have a lot to offer — but there’s something endearing about the less-traveled places, the ones with small […]


10 Caribbean Islands to Visit This Spring

caribbean islands

Maybe you’re looking for a classic beach getaway. Maybe you’re looking for an adventurous jaunt to an eco-resort. Or maybe you’re looking for a foodie holiday. Spring is one of the best times to visit the Caribbean — the crowds thin […]


5 Exotic Islands to Visit Right Now

“Exotic” means a lot of things to a lot of people. But it always means something different, something unusual. Exotic islands are not like the islands you’re used to. They’re places where you find something unique, something beautiful, something mysterious. In the […]


5 Tiny Caribbean Islands to Visit Right Now


There aren’t any really “big” islands in the Caribbean — it’s all relative. But in the world of Caribbean travel, there are certainly small islands — and some even smaller than that. The latter are often far off the beaten path, […]

6 Caribbean Islands You Can Visit Without a Passport

Maybe you don’t have a passport, or maybe you don’t want the hassle of a laborious immigration experience. Maybe you want to arrive at your Caribbean destination, get your bag and immediately head to the beach. Well, if you’re a […]

The 11 Best Caribbean Islands for Sailing, Yachting and Boating

We have often said, to really understand an island you must go out in a boat and look back. Boating and Islands just go together — to really see a place and know a place you must get away from […]


The Best Caribbean Beaches to Move To

best caribbean beaches to move to

We’ve all had that feeling on one Caribbean trip or another — “what if we don’t go back?” But this is one step further — moving to the Caribbean and living right on the beach, living steps or a short distance […]

Seven Reasons Why You'll Love a Windstar Cruise

A different kind of cruise By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon CJ Travel Editor There are so many cruise lines that sail to the Caribbean that it’s hard to know which one to choose, let alone which ship and which itinerary to select. […]

These are the Events to Try This Year in the British Virgin Islands

anegada bvi

A new slate of events By Dana Niland CJ Contributor Have you been to the British Virgin Islands? Or is it on your bucket list? Either way, there are now even more ways to explore the archipelago. The BVI has […]

Best of the Caribbean

The Best Airport Hotels in the Caribbean

In the Caribbean, an airport hotel means something very, very different than what you’re used to. By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon CJ Travel Editor Maybe you’re traveling with little ones; jetting off on a quick getaway; or you’ve already flown across the […]

10 Great Resorts to Visit Right Now

The Caribbean has the best resorts, and the best all-inclusive resorts right now. Those aren’t always the same thing. But sometimes you need more than that — you need the ultimate all-inclusive resort. That’s where these come in. We’ve long said that […]

The Best Caribbean Destinations for Solo Travelers

Sometimes you have to get away. There’s no time to find a buddy to join you on your trip, or you just want some alone time. But solo travel has become much more commonplace, whether you’re in need of a […]


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