The 10 Best Caribbean Spa Resorts

It’s one thing for a Caribbean hotel to have a great spa — and the region is blessed with a striking number of world-class spas. But it’s quite another to have such a good spa so as to make the […]


The Best Caribbean Islands for Adventure

We love a lazy beach day as much as anyone else but we also recognize that there’s so much more to do in our favorite part of the world than just soaking up the sun and sipping a rummy cocktail. […]


The Best Caribbean Islands for Foodies


It’s not just a trend anymore — it’s a fact. More and more travelers are doing so with food as their major motivating factor. It’s convenient, that the Caribbean is one of the world’s great food destinations — even if […]


Hurricane Matthew Devastates Parts of Haiti, Heads Toward Bahamas

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti on Tuesday after making landfall in the southwest of the country, causing massive flooding and heavy rains, particularly in the southern city of Les Cayes. Matthew has already led to the deaths of at least 11 […]

10 Caribbean Islands to Visit This Fall

Islands to Visit This Fall

School is back in session and the days are already becoming shorter. The weather is getting crisp and the cold front is on the way. Fall is upon us — and that’s great for travelers to the Caribbean, because it’s the season […]

The 10 Best Caribbean Summer Getaways

Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

Choosing the Best Caribbean Islands to Visit this summer might come down to an even larger question: Why vacation in the Caribbean during the Summer?  Well, at Caribbean Journal, we view the Caribbean as a full-fledged year-round destination, with something […]


11 Great Caribbean Summer Vacations

School’s out for the summer. Rates are low and adventure is high. Summer travel is in the air, and now is the best time of the year for a vacation, whether with your family or your significant other. Few places […]

5 Small Caribbean Islands You Should Visit Now

It’s something all Caribbean Journal readers have in common (other than loving to travel to the Caribbean): you love small islands. Sure, bigger destinations have a lot to offer — but there’s something endearing about the less-traveled places, the ones with small […]

10 Caribbean Islands to Visit This Spring

caribbean islands

Maybe you’re looking for a classic beach getaway. Maybe you’re looking for an adventurous jaunt to an eco-resort. Or maybe you’re looking for a foodie holiday. Spring is one of the best times to visit the Caribbean — the crowds thin […]


5 Exotic Islands to Visit Right Now

“Exotic” means a lot of things to a lot of people. But it always means something different, something unusual. Exotic islands are not like the islands you’re used to. They’re places where you find something unique, something beautiful, something mysterious. In the […]

5 Tiny Caribbean Islands to Visit Right Now


There aren’t any really “big” islands in the Caribbean — it’s all relative. But in the world of Caribbean travel, there are certainly small islands — and some even smaller than that. The latter are often far off the beaten path, […]

6 Caribbean Islands You Can Visit Without a Passport

Maybe you don’t have a passport, or maybe you don’t want the hassle of a laborious immigration experience. Maybe you want to arrive at your Caribbean destination, get your bag and immediately head to the beach. Well, if you’re a […]


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