ilio durandis

Ilio Durandis: Volunteering in Leogane

Above: forests in Haiti (UN Photo/Logan Abassi) By Ilio Durandis CJ Contributor On Sunday, Nov. 6, more than 400 volunteers boarded two Delta Airlines charter flights en route to Haiti to take part in a Habitat for Humanity (HFH) construction […]

Op-Ed: Haiti's Development Paradigm

Above: Haiti’s Citadelle Laferrière (UN Photo/Victoria Hazou) By Eric Martin Op-Ed Contributor I read with interest several recent articles in the Caribbean Journal that provide a mix of commentaries on development in Haiti. I apologize in advance should I misrepresent […]

Ilio Durandis: The Affair Belizaire and What it Means for Haiti's Rule of Law

Above: Arnel Belizaire By Ilio Durandis Op-Ed Contributor Haiti’s 1987 constitution is supposed to be the supreme law of the land. However, in Haiti, the rule of laws means different thing to different people at different times. I often say […]

Ilio Durandis: Haiti Does Need an Army

Above: a UN training exercise in Haiti (UN Photo/Victoria Hazou) By Ilio Durandis Haiti’s army was disbanded in 1995, shortly after the first return from exile of President Jean Bertrand Aristide. Ever since, the reinstating of the army has been […]


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