dennis chung

Jamaica's Pillars for Growth

By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor MY last article looked at how Jamaica can increase competitiveness in the tourism industry, which is critical for Jamaica because tourism is our highest foreign exchange earner, and the area in which we have always […]


Dennis Chung: Business and Consumer Confidence in Jamaica

By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor LAST YEAR, when the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) reported that consumer and business confidence were at their highest level for years, many persons were excited about the prospects. I remember speaking with Ralston Hyman […]

Dennis Chung: Jamaica's Policy Options

By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor THERE ARE TWO THINGS of importance to Jamaica that occurred over the past two weeks which will have an effect on what happens to our economy going forward. The first is the update on the […]

Dennis Chung: Jamaica's Economy in 2013

By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor ONE QUESTION I get a lot is: what is to be expected of economic performance in Jamaica in 2013? In particular, people want to know about the IMF agreement, the exchange rate, inflation, and GDP […]


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