Atlantis’ Big Relaunch Begins July 16

Atlantis Paradise Island is in the midst of a major relaunch, with the biggest change set to debut on July 16 when the rebranded Coral Towers become The Coral hotel. The Coral is a transformation of the former Coral Towers, […]


A New Boost for Coral in St. Lucia

The Sandals Foundation is partnering with CLEAR Caribbean in an effort to establish two coral nurseries aimed at restoring lost coral coverage in St. Lucia, as well as providing a habitat for marine life inside the Soufriere Marine Managed Area. […]


How You Can Help in the Fight Against Coral Bleaching

Projects Abroad is responding to a worldwide series of coral bleaching events through the efforts of its own Diving & Marine Conservation volunteering programs. Volunteers can join Projects Abroad in Belize to offer their help alleviating the effects of coral […]


How Atlantis Is Helping Bahamian Coral

Last week the Atlantis hotel completed a successful two-day harvesting and out planting of corals to three coral reefs off New Providence that were destroyed by 2016’s Hurricane Matthew. The ongoing project – an initiative of the nonprofit, Atlantis Blue Project […]

The 7 Best Places to Stay in Cancun

Finding the right Cancun hotels is all about knowing what you’re looking for. If you’re trying to find a great everything-included resort in Cancun, you’ll have plenty to choose from; it seems that moniker applies to almost all the resorts on […]

Another New Caribbean Coral Nursery

The Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire expands By Dana Niland CJ Contributor Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire has named Eden Beach as a new partner in creating and rebuilding coral nursery. Over 80 Staghorn and Elkhorn coral colonies have been relocated to […]


Major Caribbean Coral Restoration Project Expands to Curacao

Above: saving corals in Bonaire By the Caribbean Journal staff A major Caribbean coral restoration project is expanding. The Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire has joined forces with the Coral Restoration Foundation to launch a similar project in Curacao. CRF Curacao […]

Adopting Caribbean Coral

Above: coral in Bonaire By the Caribbean Journal staff When it comes to the protection of the environment, the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire is at the forefront of the region. And that’s exemplified in the work of the Bonaire Coral […]

This Caribbean Island Is Growing New Coral Reefs. Here’s How.

Above: the newest coral nursery in Bonaire By the Caribbean Journal staff The threats facing coral reefs in the Caribbean are not new — neither is the reality of their dwindling numbers. But one island is doing something to save them: […]

Rebuilding Caribbean Coral Reefs

Above: Outplanted staghorn (Acropora cervicornis) coral after one year of growth. (Photo: Kemit Amon Lewis) By Michael W Beck, PhD Op-Ed Contributor ELEUTHERA, Bahamas (25° 8′ 22″ N;  76° 8′ 59″ W) is one of my favourite islands. Unfortunately, storms seem […]

Study Finds Coral Reefs Could Adapt to Climate Change

Above: a Coral Reef (CJ Photo) By the Caribbean Journal staff Can coral reefs adapt to climate change? According to a new study from the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, coral reefs may be able to adapt to […]


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