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Marcia Forbes: Jamaica Votes 2011 and the Women Who Ran

Above: MPs Sharon Ffolkes-Abrahams, Shahine Robinson and Denise Daley By Marcia Forbes, PhD CJ Contributor In the recently-concluded December 2011 national elections the two major political parties in Jamaica, the People’s National Party (PNP) and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), […]

Jamaica’s Competitiveness Challenges

More on Jamaica’s economic issues By Dennis Chung CJ Contributor Last week, I ended by speaking on the point that if we are to see true economic and social development in Jamaica, this can only come through increasing our competitiveness […]

Social Media and Jamaica’s 2016 Elections

By Marcia Forbes, PhD CJ Contributor #StayInLine As the day wore on almost into afternoon, complaints about tardy election workers and polling stations started to be heard across traditional media. CVMTV and Nationwide Radio, national free-to-air TV and radio, respectively, […]

Jamaican Women and the 2016 Election

After the vote By Marcia Forbes, PhD CJ Contributor Not a Loser? On Election Day February 25th when asked by a female reporter what if she lost, Jamaica’s female Prime Minister retorted, “Do I look like a loser?” No, PM […]

Jamaica’s Big Cable Clash

By Marcia Forbes, PhD CJ Contributor Cable TV on Fast-track to Where? Sometimes things move at amazing speed in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. At other times the snail-like pace is excruciating. Take the matter of cable TV and signal […]

Jamaica’s Parliament to Vote on Move to Caribbean Court of Justice

Above: the Caribbean Court of Justice in Port of Spain By the Caribbean Journal staff Since it gained independence in 1962, Jamaica’s final court of appeal has been the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London. That could change, […]

Social Media and Social Good in Jamaica

By Marcia Forbes, PhD CJ Contributor Atlanta 2011 Jamaicans in the Convention Centre, Atlanta 2011, wanted to get on with the dance. It was the annual Independence Ball hosted by the Atlanta Jamaica Association. Guided by the organizers, I had […]

Andrew Holness Wins Election for Jamaica Labour Party Leadership

Above: Andrew Holness with JLP supporters on Sunday By the Caribbean Journal staff Former Prime Minister Andrew Holness is still the leader of the Jamaica Labour Party. That was the result following an election Sunday that saw Holness win the […]

Caribbean Largely Votes to Support Palestine’s Upgraded Status at UN

Above: the UN General Assembly’s vote on Thursday (UN Photo/Rick Bajornas) By the Caribbean Journal staff The United Nations General Assembly voted 138-9 to accord Palestine with non-Member Observer State status, with much of the Caribbean voting in favour. There […]

Op-Ed: A Watchdog for Jamaican Politics

By Dmitri Dawkins Op-Ed Contributor In every election, political parties make promises, seldom kept, to garner votes. Jamaica is no different. As a developing nation, Jamaica is highly indebted to foreign lenders, and in the last budget debate we were […]

Op-Ed: Changing Jamaica’s Constitution

By Garnett Ankle Op-Ed Contributor At this point in her political career, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller may be thinking of her legacy. How will history judge her? She has an opportunity to make an indelible mark on the political […]

Jamaica’s Kent Gammon on Politics, the Economy and Solving the Crime Problem

Jamaican’s Kent Gammon, formerly a caretaker candidate for the St Andrew South-East seat, is an attorney, lecturer at UWI and author, most recently of Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Backward — the Jamaican Story: 1972-2007. Gammon, who now has his […]

Forbes: Social Media & Politics in Jamaica

By Marcia Forbes, PhD US President Barack Obama became the virtual embodiment of successful use of social networks like YouTube, Twitter and the then-still-alive My Space by a politician. Today, every politician dreams of millions of Facebook friends and hundreds […]

Jamaica Set to Vote on Charter of Rights

After nearly three decades, the Jamaican Parliament will vote today on the Charter of Rights Bill, which would replace Chapter Three of the Jamaican Constitution, which protects “Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.” In order to pass, the bill, which saw its […]

caribbean travelers choice 2021

The Winners of the 2021 Caribbean Journal Travelers’ Choice Awards

They’re here. After more than 53,000 votes were cast, the world’s largest community of experts on Caribbean travel — Caribbean Journal readers — has spoken, naming their favorite places in the Caribbean, from the best luxury resort to the region’s culinary […]

four seasons nevis food

The Caribbean’s Most Romantic Islands: Readers’ Choice 2017

What’s the most romantic island in the Caribbean? Well, we put the question to the best authority on all matters Caribbean: Caribbean Journal readers, the world’s top concentration of Caribbean travel aficionados, with thousands of readers chiming in on their […]

Countdown to the Vote for a Caribbean Media Mega-Merger

Set-Up for a Showdown By Dr Marcia Forbes CJ Contributor The excited anticipation of the vote-count felt somewhat like national general elections in Jamaica. Would media entities RJR/Gleaner win out in their thrust to merge by securing the 75% shareholder […]

The Caribbean Year in Review

For the Caribbean, it was the Year of the Vote. By year’s end, five countries, Jamaica, Guyana, St Lucia and Haiti and the British Virgin Islands, will have chosen new leadership, with Jamaicans headed to the polls on Thursday. It […]

Interview with Jean Lowrie-Chin

By Alexander Britell Jean Lowrie-Chin is one of Jamaica’s leading media experts, having founded public relations firm PROComm and created the Jamaica Gleaner’s Flair magazine. Lowrie Chin is also a veteran political analyst, having been a columnist for the Jamaica […]

The Two-Passport Problem

A Caribbean Journal Editorial For decades, Caribbean citizens have been making their way off their own islands in search of prosperity abroad — whether that be in the United States, Europe or South America. These men and women typically send […]


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