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The 10 Best American Rums – 2019

Hot dogs, apple pie, baseball and the Best American Rums. This is now the seventh annual edition of what has become one of our favorite traditions at Caribbean Journal: compiling the list of the best rums in America to celebrate […]

Rum Journal: The Best American Rums 2018

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since we first started the Best American Rums. Now in its sixth edition, this July 4 tradition celebrates the best of American rummaking, something that has certainly come a very long way […]

Rum Journal: The 10 Best American Rums – 2016

More and more people are appreciating the wonder of rum. And in America, more and more people are making rum. Yes, there is something of a rum boom in the United States, hearkening back to the colonial period when the […]

The Best American Rums — 2015

Every July 4, Caribbean Journal celebrates America’s Independence Day by rewarding the best rums made in the 50 US States. American rum has been getting consistently better in recent years, as more craft distillers pop up and the American palate […]

Rum Journal: The 10 Best American Rums

America has a long and winding history with rum, from the colonial period to the present day. Of course, prohibition largely destroyed what was at the time was a booming rum industry — but in the last decade a number […]

bonaire back

American Airlines Joins Bonaire Rum Week

The Caribbean’s most exciting new rum festival has added a new partner: American Airlines. American Airlines, the world’s largest airline, which operates nonstop service from Miami to Bonaire, is a new partner to the weeklong Dutch Caribbean rum festival. “We’re […]


American Airlines Just Relaunched This Nonstop Caribbean Route 

Volcanoes, rainforests, beaches, UNESCO world heritage sites. The French Caribbean island of Martinique is one of the most diverse and fascinating destinations in the wider Caribbean . And did we mention its also home to the best rum it the […]

la marielita panama

Rum Journal: The Best Rum From Panama 

It’s a Panamanian rum with a Cuban soul.  This is La Marielita, a boutique rum blended by the legendary Cuban master ronero Don Pancho that just so happens to be his best post-Cuba expression.  The rum is the brainchild of […]

renegade grenada

The Caribbean’s Most Interesting Rum Is In Grenada 

GRENADA — Can a rum have a terroir?  It’s a question we’ve been answering in the affirmative for years, focused on the artisanal rummaking of the French West Indies, where the connection between rum and the soil of the sugarcane […]

barbados bougainville on the beach

American Airlines, JetBlue Adding More Barbados Flights

Tourism in Barbados is in full bloom as the island climbs its way out of the pandemic, and that means major carriers have their sights set on the destination. That includes American Airlines and JetBlue Airways, both of which are […]

jamaica half moon

Jamaica’s Top Luxury Resort Has a New Limited-Edition Rum

There’s a mural over the bar here by artist Michael Lester. It’s called Junkanoo, and it’s a vibrant, loud, pulsing depiction of Jamaica’s timeless, percussive dance. The bar itself, named for Lester, is a celebration of the Caribbean rum tradition, […]

martinique hotel bakoua

American Airlines Just Added More Nonstop Flights to Martinique 

American Airlines has added more flights to Martinique for the rest of the summer season, Caribbean Journal has learned.  The world’s largest airline is now flying four times per week between Miami and a place that’s very much the beating […]

Rum Journal: A Major New Rum From Diplomatico 

That green bottle.  For many, Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, the Venezuelan rum that comes in that instantly recognizable green bottle, is their entry point into the world of premium rum.  It’s a very good value, it’s accessible, it’s drinkable.  That’s made […]

karl malone with the rum

Rum Journal: Karl Malone’s New Rum From the Dominican Republic

It began with cigars.  NBA Hall of Fame Karl Malone’s love affair with the Dominican Republic kicked off when he crafted his own line of cigars with one of the country’s most prominent cigarmarkers: La Aurora, whose operations in Santiago […]

martinique american airlines

American Airlines Relaunches Flights to Martinique

The world’s largest airline has returned to the French Caribbean.  In a significant boost for the French Caribbean island of Martinique, American has restarted its service from Miami International Airport to Martinique’s Aime Cesaire International Airport just outside of Fort-de-France.  […]

guadeloupe travelers

American Airlines Is Relaunching Another French Caribbean Route

American Airlines is set to relaunch another route from Miami to the French Caribbean, Caribbean Journal has learned.  On Nov. 6, American Airlines will resume flights from Miami to Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe.  The nonstop flights will be operating twice weekly, with […]

bacardi sherry cask finish

Rum Journal: Bacardi’s New Sherry Cask Finish Rum

For year’s there’s been a leader in the world of special cask-finished rum: Martinique’s Rhum HSE, which was ahead of the global curve in finishing its rums in a variety of different casks and remains the standard-bearer.  In the world […]

martinique air canada beach photo

American Airlines Is Relaunching Flights to This Caribbean Destination

The world’s largest airline is relaunching another destination in the Caribbean: the French Caribbean island of Martinique, Caribbean Journal has learned.  On Nov. 6, the carrier will resume its nonstop service between Miami International Airport and Fort-de-France’s Aime Cesaire International […]

belize rum copalli

Rum Journal: Copalli, An Outstanding New Rum from Belize

There are jaguars in the cane fields.  In the heart of a rainforest in southern Belize, one of the Caribbean’s newest rum companies is doing something very special.  It’s a sustainable rum, a sugarcane rum and — and most importantly, a […]

puerto rico rum powerful

Rum Journal: A Powerful Rum From Puerto Rico

There’s a pantheon of “overproof” rums across the Caribbean, a fiery group of sought-after expressions like Grenada’s Rivers Rum and St Vincent and the Grenadine’s aptly, wonderfully named Very Strong Rum.  In recent years, the overproof category has seen a […]

kenny chesney caribbean rum

Rum Journal: Kenny Chesney’s Caribbean Rum

We’ve written often in these pages of the transportive power of rum, about how it can take you to the Caribbean even when you’re far, far away.  There’s something about rum that’s romantic, and much of that has to do […]

bahamas rum

A Very Strong, Very Good Rum From The Bahamas

The history of rum is intertwined with the history of the Caribbean — particularly that infamous (and somehow lastingly romantic) age of rum-fueled pirates.  But for all the stories of Caribbean pirates and treasure-seekers, a surprisingly small number of pirates […]

caribbean rum small batch

Why This Might Be the Ultimate Caribbean Small-Batch Rum

The eastern Atlantic coast of Martinique is full of winding roads and banana trees, a place of imposing villas and plantations and endless fields of sugarcane.  And here, hidden in an old stone estate up a hillside on the N6 […]

us virgin islands tourism open

Rum Journal: Cruzan Single Barrel, the Essence of St Croix

St Croix changes as you drive along its green curves, beaches giving way to lush hills and farmland and ocean cliffs.  It’s an island that rewards those who dig deeper, whether you’re walking the old alleys of Christiansted or bowing […]

puerto rico don q sherry

Rum Journal: A Sherry-Finished Rum From Puerto Rico

The growth of cask-finished rums has skyrocketed in recent years, as more and more distillers look to add new personalities and characters to rums.  It’s a reminder of the power of the barrel to imbue flavor, of the importance of […]

ron diplomatico venezuela

Rum Journal: A Lovely New Rum From Venezuela’s Diplomatico

By Alexander Britell There’s a certain kind of rum you can’t enjoy. It’s the rum that your bar doesn’t serve. Years ago — and even today, rum lovers still face a rather small selection in even some of the best bars […]

robert burr rum

Rum Journal: A Conversation With Robert Burr

If you like rum, if you’ve found your way into the mysterious, wonderful world of rum, it’s likely you’ve come across the name Robert Burr. For years, Burr has been one of the world’s greatest champions of rum, spreading its […]

martinique triple vintage

Rum Journal: A Triple Vintage from Martinique

By Alexander Britell When the harvest changes, the rum changes. It’s a tenet particular to the Rhum Agricole of the French Caribbean, the only Caribbean rum with a true terroir. When you make your rum from freshly pressed sugar cane […]


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