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St Martin’s Must-Visit Culinary Festival Is Back This November

saint martin food festival

This year is the fourth edition of the event.

It just might be the best culinary destination in the Caribbean. And if you’ve been to the French side of St Martin, you know it’s a rather difficult proposition to challenge.

Three years ago, the destination doubled down on its gourmet pedigree and launched a new annual culinary event — and now the Festival de la Gastronomie, “The Saint Martin Gastronomy Festival,” is back for its fourth annual edition. 

This year’s event runs from Nov. 11-22, with 10 days of vibrant events from mixology to cuisine and prix-fixe menus. 

That’s along with a series of competitions, including a high school cooking event, a barbecue competition and a bartending competition, among others. 

There’s also the popular Taste of Sunrise local brunch on the beach, along with a restaurateurs’ village, a collection of food trucks and a closing night featuring a lineup of international chefs. 

It’s one of the most exciting foodie-focused events in the Caribbean, and yet another great reason to visit one of the Caribbean’s most fascinating travel destinations. 

For more, visit the Saint Martin Gastronomy Festival

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