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Why This Antigua All-Inclusive Is the Ultimate Toes-in-the-Sand Resort 

all-inclusive resort antigua

The new premium beachfront rooms.

You know the sounds: the gentle lap of the waves, the light shake of a palm tree; the rustle of a palapa. We all feel that connection to the beach. We’re all drawn by its siren sound, that maritime metronome that gives our vacations their rhythm. 

At some resorts, though, connecting to the beach is easier than others. 

We like to call them “toes in the sand” resorts, those where you can open your door and step right onto the beach, or walk out to your balcony and have nothing between you and the surf. In other words, they’re not the resorts where getting to the sand is a 15-minute trek from your room.

all-inclusive galley bay resort balcony
A new-look premium beachfront suite.

It’s not quite as easy to find as you think — except at resorts like Antigua’s all-inclusive Galley Bay, the legendary all-inclusive that just debuted its new premium beachfront suites. 

The stunning, newly-renovated collection of rooms at the signature Antigua adults-only resort are the ultimate toes-in-the-sand accommodations: either ground-floor suites that include the beach at your doorstep, or sleek second-floor suites that offer an impossibly beautiful vantage point of the beach with a stairway right to the sand. 

toes in the sand
They’re some of the best beachfront rooms in the region.

It’s your choice: direct access to the beach on the first floor, or sweeping 30-foot vaulted ceilings and private balconies on the upper floor. It’s prime, first-row access to the beach you just don’t find at many resorts in the Caribbean. 

inside a suite at Galley Bay
Inside one of the suites.

The interiors are bright and breezy, with sunken living rooms (including special wet bars), massive bathrooms and king beds, along with touches like Smart TVs, mini-fridges and his-and-hers sinks, among others. 

Of course, Galley Bay has also perfect another kind of suite: the secluded, honeymoon-style retreat, which includes the property’s famous Gauguin Cottages — a collection of deliciously private bungalow-style rooms with their own plunge pools set at the edge of the resort’s lagoon. They’re just a short stroll from the sand themselves. 

A Gauguin suite.

Of course, the story at Galley Bay is beyond the beach — it’s set on a 56-acre private peninsula, with scores of tropical birds, a serene lagoon, outstanding eateries (a meal or three at Ismay’s is a must) and a world-class spa. (And did we mention the rum shack?)

But the days undoubtedly start and end with a simple, wonderful formula: the soundtrack of the ocean, and a front-row seat to the beach. 

For more, visit Galley Bay Resort and Spa. 

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