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A First-of-Its-Kind Clean-Energy Affordable Housing Project in the Caribbean 

By: Caribbean Journal Staff

A First-of-Its-Kind Clean-Energy Affordable Housing Project in the Caribbean 

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Jackson Development and E-Finity Distributed Generation have come together to bring about the Caribbean’s first clean-energy affordable-housing project. 

The new project, Magens Junction, has been open since 2019, providing a combination of clean, affordable and hurricane-resilient power. 

Jackson Development, in partnership with the US Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority, has been at the forefront of affordable housing initiatives, recognizing the importance of equitable access to clean energy for all.

“At the heart of this transformation are clean energy microgrids designed and installed by E-Finity Distributed Generation. These microgrids combine the power of solar panels, battery energy storage systems, and propane-fueled Capstone microturbines, ensuring a consistent and reliable energy supply while drastically reducing the environmental impact and the cost of energy said Jeff Beiter, Founder & CEO of E-Finity Distributed Generation.” 

Residents of Magens Junction now have access to electricity that is not only affordable but also resilient in the face of hurricanes and power outages—a critical need in a region frequently affected by extreme weather events. 

A microgrid.

The microgrids have significantly improved the quality of life for tenants, ensuring they no longer have to endure prolonged periods without power during hurricane seasons.

“It’s incredible to have electricity no matter what the weather is like outside. We used to dread hurricane season, but now, we know our power will stay on, and we can keep our tenants and their families safe and comfortable,” said Clifford Graham, of Jackson Development.

Clean energy microgrids are a beacon of environmental responsibility, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the development. The process works as solar panels harness the abundant sunshine of St. Thomas, while the battery storage and microturbines ensure that power is available even when the sun isn’t shining.

Jackson Development and E-Finity Distributed Generation’s commitment to equity extends beyond just providing energy. They have worked closely with the local community to ensure that residents are not only beneficiaries but also active participants in the sustainable journey. Job training programs and educational initiatives are in the plans to empower residents and create long-term economic opportunities.

“The energy revolution in the Virgin Islands is real.  We are getting off the grid and helping others get off the grid,” said USVI Governor Albert Bryan Jr.  “Energy Independence for each individual has to be part of our future in this here Virgin Islands without a doubt.”

Jackson Development and E-Finity have plans for two more affordable housing microgrid projects to kick off in 2024, the company told Caribbean Journal Invest.

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