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The Best-Kept Secret at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis

nevis four seasons

The Four Seasons Resort Nevis.

As you step out of the airport in St. Kitts, you are greeted with a lovely smile and a pink shirt holding a sign that lets you know you have arrived.

Welcome to the Four Seasons, Nevis, where the journey begins with a history lesson of this beautiful place.

Why did Christopher Columbus name the island Nevis? Your questions is immediately answered when your boat pulls up to the resort dock and you look up. The clouds seem to stay fixed at the very top of this volcano and, yes, it looks like snow — which, in Spanish, is “nieve.”

nevis villa pool
A tropical villa at the Four Seasons Nevis, one of nearly 80.

This sight stays impressed in your mind through your stay and for months to come, the beginning of an unforgettable Caribbean getaway.

But the Four Seasons Nevis has a bit of a secret.

This luxury property has gained worldwide renown for its 165 room, 24-suite beachfront resort. But what you may not realize is that the Four Seasons Nevis is also home to nearly 80 villas — something that has become arguably the most sought-after experience in luxury travel since the pandemic. That was the story of our Nevis vacation.

pool view
Pool with a view.

So you step off the boat at the Four Seasons dock, your name is called, and you are immediately shepherded to your villa, in our case, a spectacular three-bedroom stunner set right on the golf course.

I have stayed in more hotel rooms than I can count and in dozens of villas, but I have never felt all of the amenities of a hotel in a villa.

At the Four Seasons Nevis, that is exactly the magic they pull off.

Your bags arrive moments later and you are on your way to a delightful Eastern Caribbean getaway.

The villa is clean, spacious and has everything to make you feel at home, including a magnificent pool. As you step into the covered patio you immediately notice the golf course, the one you’ve probably heard so much about, the Robert Trent Jones Jr stunner built into the foothills of the Nevis Peak volcano.

It is exactly what you’ve probably heard about: a course so beautiful it’s just as enjoyable to look at as to play. (I had several ti’ punch cocktails overlooking the golfers try to get a par on hole 1.)

golf nevis
The golf course is spectacular.

The golf cart that comes with the villa provides a great means of transportation, but is also very helpful in exploring the entire resort, where, as a villa guest, you have full access to all of the amenities, including daily housekeeping.

From finding monkeys playing with each other as if they were on their own family vacation, to playing shuffle board with the kids, this 350-acre resort is a universe of adventures.

nevis monkey
Monkeying around.

The dining program is diverse, with each eatery offering its own unique Caribbean flair. The awe inspiring sunset from Mango is a site to behold (picture of boat and sunset). (Mango is itself a can’t miss dining stop in Nevis, whether you’re staying at the resort or not).

We have all gone to a beach and appreciated its beauty. Some more than others.

mango sunset
Sunset at Mango is just about perfect.

But the privacy you get on the beach, with the view of the volcano just behind the resort, is exceptional. You really can’t believe such beauty exists, a kind of ethereal experience.  

And as another delightful person comes up and offers you a frozen ice or a cold fruit, you instantly ask yourself.

Does it really get any better than this?

For more, visit the Four Seasons Resort Nevis.

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