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A Big Birthday for the Caribbean’s Tiniest Airport  

saba airport in 1963

Saba’s airport in 1963, from Captain George Greaux Sr.’s archive,.

It’s home to the shortest commercial runway on earth: the Dutch Caribbean island of Saba, just 400 meters in length. 

And this week, the island’s Juancho E Yrausquin Airport is celebrating its 60th birthday. 

The airport has played an integral role in connecting the tiny island to the rest of the Caribbean and beyond. 

The runway was first asphalted in 1963, after which regional airline Winair’s co-founder, George Greaux Sr., was the first to land there. 

Winair has been flying to Saba for six decades since, operating multiple flights per day between nearby St Maarten and Saba on Twin Otter aircraft. 

“we reflect on the remarkable journey we have shared with the people of Saba,” said Hans van de Velde, CEO of WINAIR. “is an honor for WINAIR to have been a part of Saba’s growth and to continue serving as a bridge between this stunning island and the world. We look forward to many more years of partnership and collaboration.”

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