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Delta Vacations? Classic? Travel Agents Share Their Favorite Tour Operators for the Caribbean

By: Joe Pike

Three Caribbean travel specialists recently shared their top tour operators right now, as far as assistance with destinations and excursions go.

Here’s who they chose as their top picks and why.

Nikki Miller, founder of Travel With Nikki

I am loving Delta Vacations. It helps that I’m located in the midwest between two large Delta Hubs, Minneapolis and Detroit.

They have had great call center pick-up time and I can’t remember the last time I waited more than 10 minutes for an agent to pick up the phone.

I was bummed they removed their 24-hour option, but their hours are still long enough to be reached when I need them.

What is even better about DV is their “chat” feature. I can text them for so many issues. I’m able to text from my computer using iMessage and it makes it easy for workflow.

I’ve used the chat to extend holds, change room categories, add insurance, remove insurance, and add promotions to name a few.

Delta has its main call center in Minot, North Dakota and they have expanded to allow some agents in the call center to work from home.

I do like the fact that I’m always able to get someone who is well-informed on the Delta Vacations destinations and is located in the U.S. Unlike other call centers, I’ve never had to explain to a Delta reservations agent how to do their job. They all seem to have been well-trained.

The last thing we, as advisors, want to do is spend our time teaching someone else how to do their job because the employer skimped out on their education.

Peggy Sheldon of Peggy Sheldon Travel

I work with two main tour operators, Unique Vacations, Inc. (Sandals Resorts International) and Travel Impressions. I am specifically connected with special teams or elite phone lines.

It makes all the difference in the world in reference to quick service and knowledge with those who know how to take care of their top agents. A far cry from being on hold for two hours in the past.

Amanda Bisack, founder of Travelista Travels

My two favorites are Classic Vacations and Delta Vacations. 

Classic Vacations has a massive team that are all very supportive, responsive and helpful. You can tell the entire company really cares about their relationships with their advisors and that makes us want to keep booking with them. 

As far as Delta Vacations goes, we have the absolute best [Business Development Manager] there ever was, Waldo.

Not only do I personally love Delta Vacation’s agent portal and all its functionality, but I know the support we get from our BDM all the way up to the corporate level is amazing. 

Both of these tour operators have helped myself and my team of 17 advisors massively over the last several years and we are happy to continuing to grow our business with them. 

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