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A New Way to Power Caribbean Resorts With Clean Energy

By: Caribbean Journal Staff

By Alexander Britell

It’s no secret that energy in the Caribbean is not cheap. As hotel construction and investment continue to ramp up in the region, demand for sustainable, reliable and cost-effective energy solutions continues to rise.

And in recent years, one company is increasingly being sought for its revolutionary clean energy technology: E-Finity Distributed Generation.

The company, a pioneer in what are called “distributed power systems,” is providing Caribbean resorts and business owners with clean energy microgrids that integrate solar, microturbines and battery energy storage systems.

The systems are centered around microturbines: compact, air lubricated, air-cooled power generators which are far cleaner than diesel generators, historically the power system of choice in the Caribbean.

They also emit significantly fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants, making them a more environmentally friendly option for power generation.

Microturbines, when combined with solar and battery systems, create a new kind of clean energy solution.

These standalone systems also provide enhanced resilience against the impacts of climate change and other natural disasters.

magens junction solar roof
The Magens Junction residential project in St Thomas.

That includes hurricanes; during storms, the systems’ multiple-source generation and storage mean microgrids can operate even when parts of the grid are damaged and out ..

“By adopting E-Finity’s clean energy microgrids, Caribbean resort owners like the Westin at Frenchmans Reef and Margaritaville are not only contributing to global efforts against climate change but also catering to the growing demand for eco-friendly travel,” said Jeff Beiter, founder, CEO and managing partner of E-Finity Distributed Generation. “Resorts that prioritize green initiatives can attract eco-conscious travelers, distinguishing themselves as environmentally responsible destinations and setting an example for the industry.”

There’s another benefit, however: cost.

The region’s significant energy costs can translated to far higher operating expenses for hotels and resorts; switching to microturbine systems can help lead to reductions in energy spending by as much as 40 percent.

That means savings to use for improving resort facilities or offering deals to guests.

“E-Finity Distributed Generation is playing a pivotal role in transforming the Caribbean tourism industry by providing resort owners with innovative clean energy microgrid solutions,” Beiter said. “Caribbean resorts are well on their way to a more sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective energy future. By embracing these clean energy technologies, the Caribbean can lead the way in sustainable tourism and ensure the preservation of its natural beauty for generations to come.”

For more, visit E-finity.

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