In Cancun, the Visitors Keep Coming 

cancun resort caribbean kempinskiThe new Kempinski resort in Cancun.

It’s been the story since the summer of 2020: people are traveling to Cancun in droves. 

And the story continues through the third year since the pandemic, as Cancun keeps showing surging air passenger traffic so far in 2023. 

Passenger traffic at Cancun International Airport last month reached 5.5 million passengers, a nearly 24 percent increase over the same period last year. 

Passenger traffic in Cancun last month was more than 2.61 million, up from 2.11 million in February 2022, according to ASUR, which manages Cancun along with eight other airports in Mexico (along with San Juan’s Luis Munoz International Airport, another pandemic-era success story). 

For the year, the numbers are even better: passenger traffic of 5.508 million, a 27.9 percent increase compared to the first two months of 2022. 

It’s another strong sign for Cancun’s continued growth, joining the Dominican Republic as the two most popular destinations in the wider Caribbean right now, as measured by visitor volume. 

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