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This Caribbean Airport Is Getting Cooler 

It’s always been one of the nicest airports in the Caribbean: the Poles Caraibes Airport in Guadeloupe. 

And now, thanks to a dramatic transformation project, it’s getting even cooler. 

Poles Caraibes is in the midst of a $283 million investment project that will allow the airport to welcome three million passengers annually. 

The project, which is running through 2027, is starting off with a revamp of the food and beverage offerings. 

That includes the opening of a new world-class eatery, Bleu Caraibe, led by renowned Chef Jimmy Bibrac, which will be set on the departure level. 

That’s along with the first-ever rum bar in a Caribbean airport: Rhumba, which will showcase the Guadeloupe archipelago’s spectacular rum products. 

On the arrival level, the airport this year is debuting a pair of new options: a Starucks cafe and, in a development particularly welcome or arriving guests staying in visitors, a Carrefour market. 

— CJ

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