Puerto Rico’s Hottest New Restaurant Is In Rincon 

Puerto Rico Rincon Restaurant

Set at the western edge of the island of Puerto Rico, the town of Rincon has always been known for its laid-back beach vibe and world-class surfing. 

Now it has another draw: a new eatery by star chef Joerick Rivera. 

It’s called Bakku, and it follows the chef’s former sushi spot, Sophia’s, which was for years the island’s top sushi spot. 

Puerto Rico Rincon Restaurant

The restaurant styles itself as an “eatery and crudo bar,” with with a cool, earthy aesthetic and some superb Japanese fare, from exquisite nigiri to more adventurous dishes like a unique take on octopus carpaccio. 

It’s another home run for the talented Rivera. 

Bakku is open Monday through Thursday from 5  to 10 PM. 

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