Auberge Resorts Is Out at Anguilla’s Malliouhana Resort 

Anguilla Luxury Resort

Auberge Resorts is out at the Malliouhana resort in Anguilla, Caribbean Journal has learned. 

The landmark 63-room Anguilla resort, long one of the leading luxury hotels in the wider Caribbean, has announced that it will breturn to operating as an independent property, led by Storey Hotel Management Group. 

The hotel is owned by AJ Capital Partners, which acquired the property from the Roydon family in 2013.

“Storey is thrilled to add Malliouhana Resort to its growing portfolio of luxury properties and to work with the experienced and loyal team of professionals at Malliouhana,” said Mike Casey, founder of Storey Hotel Management Group. “We take pride in allowing each property to embrace its most unique and authentic self. Storey supports staff members to inject local customs and traditions within its guest experience to create lasting memories. Anguilla and Malliouhana are steeped with vibrant culture and fascinating history waiting to be shared with visitors from around the world.”

The Mallioiuhana.

The handover will take place on April 1, according to Storey.

It’s also instantly the most recognizable hotel in the portfolio for the relatively new Storey, which was founded in 2016 and whose portfolio consists of mostly boutique hotels and villas, from the Ameswell Hotel in Silicon Valley to its most prominent resort, the Nanuku Resort in Fiji.

Storey already counts two other Anguilla properties in its collection: the Long Bay Villas, which consists of three large villas; and the Santosha Villa Estate, a nine-bedroom, resort-style villa.


The company is led by a pair of co-founders and managing partners: Mike Casey, a 30-year veteran of the hotel industry, and Laura Rose, a 25-year marketing executive. 

The hotel will continue to be led by general manager George Vlachopoulos and Director of Sales Miguel Carrillo. 

The hotel will also operate with “dedication and care of the long-time employees of Malliouhana,” according to Storey.

The hotel, which had previously been independent, reopened under Auberge Resorts management back in 2014.

The hotel was the first luxury resort in Anguilla when it opened in the early 1980s, almost single-handedly developing the tourism industry on the island. 

Auberge is still operating in the Caribbean, however. The company opened its new Riviera Maya resort in 2021 called Etero.

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