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In St Kitts and Nevis, the Ultimate Caribbean Swimming Event 

It’s been more than two decades since the Caribbean’s ultimate swimming event first kicked off — and now the Nevis to St Kitts Cross Channel Swim is back again. 

The 2.5-mile ocean crossing sees competitors swim across the “narrows” between St Kitts and Nevis, one of the most important annual events on the global open water swim calendar. 

And if you don’t want to participate competitively, you can try the journey at your leisure, with fins and snorkels also available to assist you. 

The event also benefits a trio of great causes”: the St Kitts chapter of the Special Olympics; the St Kits Sea Turtle Monitoring Network and Gifting Goggles, which donates used goggles to benefit the youth swimming program in St Kitts. 

Where to stay?

Sunset Reef: The newest place to stay in St Kitts, this luxury boutique resort is the perfect place to experience the tropical beauty the island has to offer.  

Koi Resort: Hilton’s only resort in St Kitts and Nevis blends modern taste and local charm. 

Belle Mont Farm: An eco-chic resort nestled on Mount Liamuiga among 400 acres of farmland and lush tropical rainforest.  

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