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Small Caribbean Hotel of the Week: A Hidden Gem in Saba 

Caribbean Hotel Saba

It’s just past twilight on the patio at the Queen’s Hotel, Bar and Kitchen, and the chef has prepared a half-shell Saban lobster with truffle potatoes. 

If you haven’t been to this lovely little island before, you may not know that the lobsters here are some of the most prized on earth. They come from the nearby Saba Bank, a submerged atoll just off the coast of the island where, thanks to the unique conditions, these particular spiny lobsters have found the perfect habitat. 

And that’s the same way guests tend to feel when they get to this hotel. 

Caribbean Hotel Saba
This is some of the most sought-after lobster on earth.

The Queen’s Hotel, Bar and Kitchen is one of the Caribbean’s hidden gems, a lovely 10-room retreat that is the perfect marriage of charm, cuisine and Saban hospitality. 

Where is it? Saba is just 50km from St Maarten, easily accessed either via ferry (on the Makana or The Edge) or by regular service from Winair. The hotel itself is in Saba’s main “town” of The Bottom, with striking views of the island and the Caribbean Sea. 

Caribbean Hotel Saba
Sunset at the pool deck.

What to know? Saba is a rather unique island in the Caribbean, without a clear analog; it’s deliciously laid back and serene, blessed with spectacular views and a magnificent natural environment that makes it a haven for eco-focused travelers and adventurers. That makes the vibe at this hotel unique, too — it’s luxurious without ever feeling overbearing, elegant but splendidly relaxed. 

queens hotel
The hotel at night.

Perhaps the biggest standout is the food and beverage operation here: the Chefs Andrew and Thierry have cultivated a menu that’s all about sustainable sourcing and memorable meals — achieving both with aplomb. The restaurant here is one of the best in the Caribbean, matched only by the quality of the views. (The bar is terrific, too). 

But you’ll probably want to spend most of your time on the stunning pool deck, home to some truly magnificent vistas. 

Which room to choose? The top-floor Queen’s Suites are worth the splurge, with 860 square feet of space, an outdoor, covered lounge. But any of the 10 rooms is a solid option.

Caribbean Hotel Saba
The views from the pool.

What do we like best? The views. They’re just astonishing, whether you’re at dinner, at your balcony or lazing with a rum punch by the pool. The setting really is extraordinary, only underscoring the rarefied ambience Saba has so expertly cultivated. And did we mention the lobster? 

For more, visit The Queen’s Hotel, Bar and Kitchen

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