Why Wyclef Jean Is Coming to Atlantis Paradise Island 

wyclef jean atlantis

Music superstar Wyclef is coming to Atlantis Paradise Island in March as part of the resort’s new Nassau Paradise Island Wine and Food Festival. 

On March 18, Wyclef will headline the festival’s Jerk Jam, a celebration of grilled meats and seafood hosted by celebrity chefs JJ Johnson and Alex Guarnaschelli. 

The beachside party will include live cooking demonstrations and cocktails, and a special performance by Wyclef, the Grammy-winning musician, producer and composer. 

The Jerk Jam begins at 7 PM on the Royal Deck at Atlantis. 

The festival itself, which is being held for the first time, runs fro March 15-19, with a slate of celebrity chefs like Aaron Sanchez and Michael White and culinary experiences ranging from tasting events and to an ice cream social, all highlighting the resort’s growing culinary prowess.

It’s another reminder of Nassau Paradise Island’s sizzling gastronomic scene, one that led it to be named the hottest culinary destination in the Caribbean.

For more, visit the Nassau Paradise Island Wine and Food Festival Presented by Atlantis

– CJ

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