This Is The Best Rum Punch in the Caribbean 

best rum punch in the caribbean

It comes in an unassuming plastic cup, small or large, depending on your appetite for risk. 

If you’re lucky, it will be delivered by the man himself: Sunshine, the proprietor of the Nevisian beach bar that bears his name. 

He calls it the Killer Bee. And it is the greatest rum punch in the Caribbean. 

And Sunshine has found unimaginable renown serving up Killer Bees on Pinneys Beach, the spectacular coastline on Nevis’ western end, drawing pilgrims of punch who have heard the stories about this legendary drink for decades.

It goes without question that the recipe for it is a well-guarded secret, as with all the best Caribbean cocktails. 

But this isn’t like your traditional rum punch: it is not a heavy with Grenadine or fruit punch; instead of a vibrant red, it is more a shade of apricot, an exquisite median between a Bahama Mama and an Eastern Caribbean classic punch.


Not overly sweet, not tart, just wonderfully tangy, with strong notes of tropical tamarind, remarkably well-balanced. 

It is simple and magnificent, perfect in execution. 

Try and you’ll be amazed at the smoothness, the sheer drinkability. 

Have a second one, though, and you’ll realize just how accurate the name is. 


And you will unquestionably have a second one: this colorful wooden bar and restaurant is custom-built for endless beach afternoons, with Killer Bees and ultra-fresh fish and Sunshine’s signature ribs; it has you the moment you walk through the doors and walk beneath the flags on the ceiling.

As is true of all legendary cocktails, it’s an extension of the artist, of Sunshine, whose hospitality knows no bounds. Sunshine is always around, a dedicated steward of this place, always ensuring it is true to his vision. If Pinneys Beach had a Mayor, it would be him. 

rum punch caribbean

Indeed, it is Sunshine that has them coming back, again and again, from the adjacent Four Seasons Nevis and from all across this lovely little island and from all around the world, journeying here for a bucket-list box checked in apricot-colored ink. 

Of course, as we say about the best rums, the best rum in the world is the one that’s in your glass. So is it true for rum punch. 

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