20 Cheap Caribbean Hotels for an Affordable Vacation

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Since the onset of the pandemic, driven by tremendous travel demand, hotels around the world have gotten far more expensive. Some, significantly more expensive. Even a Caribbean hotel whose rack rate might have started at $150 per night three years ago could be charging upwards of $400 today; luxury hotels have massively raised their rates, too. Cheap hotels, in other words, are not quite so cheap anymore.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t bargains to be found in the Caribbean. Across the islands of the region, you can find great places to stay at rates that pale in comparison to some of the market’s more exorbitant prices — cheap hotels where you get far more bang for your buck, with amenities and quality of far pricier stays.

We’ve curated a collection of 20 “cheap” Caribbean hotels, from smaller beach resorts to waterfront boutique hotels to all-inclusives, all with rates below $299 per night, even during high season, with some going for less than $100 per night. That’s what makes this list a bit different from other guides to lower-priced hotels — these are even affordable during peak winter travel. Of course, if you head to these hotels in the summer you’ll find even lower rates. But the only cheap thing about these hotels is the price. They are all filled with hospitality, character and design, the perfect places for your next affordable Caribbean vacation.

cheap caribbean hotels

Jolly Beach Antigua Antigua’s newest all-inclusive resort is almost certainly the best value in the Caribbean. The resort, set on the spectacularly beautiful sands of Jolly Beach, features all-inclusive vacations with rooms starting in the low $200s — per room, not per person. That’s a remarkable value for a classic island beach vacation. There’s a lively pool, a newly-opened spa and, as the resort describes it, a “cheep and cheerful” experience.

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