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The Caribbean’s Newest Beach Hotel Is In Martinique 

It’s one of the coolest beach towns anywhere in the Caribbean: Le Carbet on the northern Caribbean coast of the island of Martinique. 

While the town abounds with great eateries, beach bars, local shopping (and the world-class Rhum Neisson distillery, of course), it hasn’t really had anywhere notable to stay. 

That just changed, however. 

Chef Guy Ferdinand and the team behind the Le Petibonum beach bar and restaurant has relaunched a boutique beach hotel in town called the MadiCreoles.

caribbean beach hotel martinique
The lush property is set right on the beach.

The residential-style hotel has a portfolio of 22 apartment-style rooms perched above the lovely volcanic beach of Anse Latouche in Carbet.

The rooms are anchored around a central infinity pool in view of the Caribbean Sea — and almost all of the rooms boast sea views, too. 

caribbean beach hotel martinique
The hotel has 22 rooms in all.

Most importantly, it’s the perfect jumping-off point for exploring the wonders of northern Martinique: the aforementioned Neisson and distilleries like Rhum Depaz and Rhum JM; the “Caribbean Pompeii” of Saint Pierre, today a charming village set amid the ruins of the volcano of 1902; the Zoo of Martinique; and the seemingly endless beach bars in Carbet itself. 

saint pierre martinique
The town of Saint Pierre in Martinique, where a 1902 volcano destroyed what was once the “Little Paris of the Caribbean.” Today, it’s a lovely village at the foot of Mont Pelee. It’s just a short drive from the hotel.

Even better, you can stroll around the town of Le Carbet and walk right from the hotel to all of the town’s top toes-in-the-sand hotspots. 

caribbean islands best
Le Petibonum, the town’s top beach bar.

It’s a breezy, affordable, laid-back place that instantly becomes your home in Martinique, for mornings with freshly-baked baguettes and afternoons bobbing in the sea with a ti ‘punch. 

The hotel’s pool has quite the view.

It’s the essence of Martinique, and a new gateway to one of our favorite beach enclaves anywhere in the Caribbean. 

For more, visit the MadiCreoles

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