Caribbean Table: The Best Restaurant in Curacao 

curacao best restauranta

Our new feature Caribbean Table provides an in-depth look at CJ editors’ favorite restaurants from around the Caribbean, from 50 Best Restaurants in the Caribbean selections to lovely little out-of-the-way places worthy of a lunch or dinner. 

The inaugural edition takes you to what is the best restaurant on the island of Curacao: the Baoase Culinary Beach Restaurant. 

curacao best restauranta

Set right on the sand the island’s celebrated Baoase Luxury Resort, it’s helmed by celebrated Chef René Klop, who for years has served up a dazzling fusion of Caribbean and Asian flavors, along with some inspired takes on French classics. 

There are several options: you can do the Taste of Baoase, a four-course tasting menu that comes with a glass of champagne; or the Menu Gastronomique, a three or four course “surprise menu” dinner. 

curacao best restauranta

Or you can simply eat a la carte and take the journey through the outstandingly-sourced, meticulously executed menu. 

We simply love the out-of-this-world Steak Tartare, a perfect starter or main course, or you can go for seafood options like codfish, seabass or whole baked Dover sole. There’s also a full caviar menu to boot. 

What’s remarkable, though, is just how relaxed this place is: a Michelin-quality eatery where you can show up in sandals, for breakfast lunch or dinner. 

That’s a rather difficult feat to pull off. 

But at Baoase, it’s just another day. 

For more, visit Baoase

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