17 Great Caribbean Beaches You Can Only Reach By Boat 

caribbean beaches by boat Pinel Island, St Martin.
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They’re tucked away in tiny corners of the Caribbean, set off far in the middle of the sea, hidden beneath cliffs. 

They’re those rarefied beaches that are a bit harder to reach, the ones you can’t fly to, the ones you can’t drive to or walk to. 

They’re the remote stretches of sand that keep our hearts beating a bit faster on cold winter evenings. 

These are some of the more remote beaches in the Caribbean, where the journey is tougher but the reward that much sweeter. 

They’re beaches you can only reach by boat. And here are 20 of our favorites in the Caribbean. 

caribbean beaches by boat
The beach on Protestant Cay in St Croix.

Protestant Cay, St Croix It’s not exactly hidden, this lovely little cay off the coast of Christiansted in St Croix. It’s right there, staring at you as you traverse the historic town’s boardwalk. And there’s regular boat service running all day long, a blissful 30 second trip. But there’s just something magical about this beach, about the sparkle of the turquoise and the feeling that you’re someplace else entirely. 

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