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The Ultimate Caribbean Beach Bar Hotel Is Making a Comeback 

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White Bay in the British Virgin Islands.

It’s hard to think of a more legendary beach bar in the Caribbean than Soggy, as Jost Van Dyke’s bucket-list British Virgin Islands beach bar is affectionately known. 

And while the Soggy Dollar Bar long ago completed its comeback from the storms of 2017, one of its essential components did not. 

But later this year, the Sandcastle Hotel is finally reopening its doors as Sandcastle at Soggy Dollar.

Sandcastle, which first opened its doors in 1970, was for nearly a half century the Caribbean’s ultimate “beach bar hotel,” a place where you could enjoy your Painkillers by day, walk a few steps across the sand and retire for the night (then wake up, walk over and repeat the ritual). 

“There’s only ever been one original… wake up in White Bay, stay at Soggy,” the bar said in a statement. “The long-awaited return of the iconic Sandcastle Hotel at Soggy Dollar.”

A room at Sandcastle before Hurricane Irma.

The original Sandcastle had six bungalow-style rooms on the sand; the bar has not yet announced the number of units for the relaunch. 

What won’t change is the essence of Sandcastle — a toes-in-the-sand boutique hotel that’s the essential way to experience the unrivaled joys of this white-sand oasis in the British Virgin Islands. 

The new-look logo for the hotel.

The Sandcastle’s return means there will soon be two terrific places to stay on White Bay, with Sandcastle joining the just-opened Hideout, a luxury villa resort that’s also attached to a top beach bar, Hendo’s Hideout. 

Rates and reservation details will be revealed shortly, the bar said. 

For more, visit the Sandcastle

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