Rum Journal: The Best Rum Shop in Bonaire 

bonaire rum shop

It’s never been known as a rum destination, but for rum drinkers making the trip, Bonaire is home to one rather good rum shop. 

And it’s actually a Chinese supermarket. 

It’s called the Zhung Kong supermarket, and inside this grocery shop just past the Buddy Dive Resort is a rum oasis. 

There’a a superb selection here, from rare Colombian rums to El Dorados and even the ultra-rare, no-longer-produced Bacardi Reserva Limitada. 

That’s along with the only place to find high-level rhum blanc agricole on the island, the outstanding Rhum Depaz Cuvee de la Montagne Pelee, perfect for a waterfront ti’ punch in Bonaire. (There’s also the exquisite Depaz Port Cask Finish). 

And that’s just the beginning at Zhung Kong, a must-stop for rum aficionados while on the Dutch Caribbean island. 

There’s nothing else on the island quite like it. 

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