In The Bahamas, Embracing Another Side of Exuma’s Staniel Cay


In The Bahamas Out Islands, Staniel Cay, Exuma is well known as a mariner’s crossroads.  

And everyone knows The Yacht Club, the Grotto and the Pigs.  

But few people know the secret serenity of the other side of Staniel Cay, where some of the most beautiful beaches and secluded nature await the adventurous traveler. 

That includes Pirate Beach and Staniel Cay Ocean Park, two beaches as different as they are beautiful, where you’ll almost never see another soul on the sand. 

Pirate Beach.

Even on a tiny island, it’s a different universe than the energy of the storied Yacht Club, a place that retains its longtime position as a Mecca in The Bahamas. 

The portal to this secret side of Staniel Cay is at the family-owned Embrace Resort, a mix of seven cottages, all come with a commitment to delivering the authentic Bahamian experience. 

The pool area at the Embrace Resort.

There are five one-bedrooms, two-bedrooms and a three-bedroom cottage, all ready for you to move right in for a day or week or two. 

It’s also adjacent to the island’s tiny airport, making for the romantic hum of arriving prop planes during the day. 

And even better When you leave, you can check in at the airport, head back to the hotel and wait for your flight. 

The blue of Pirate Beach.

It’s a locally-owned, locally-run resort, one built by dedication, hard work and 30 years of perseverance. 

“What makes Embrace Resort so unique is that fact that once you arrive you’ll have a friend in paradise,” says owner Natajia Miller. “We’re like a down-to-earth luxury, you can come as yourself and let your hair down while having us there every step of the way to make sure your stay is memorable.” 

.The Ocean Park beach

And that’s a near certainty, whether your’e visiting the famous pigs, swimming in the Grotto, chasing after iguanas, fishing, diving, sailing, snorkeling or just spending your days on the impossibly beautiful sands of Pirate Beach or the Ocean Park. 

It’s the other side of Staniel Cay, and you’ll have it all to yourself. 

For more, visit the Embrace Resort.

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