American Airlines Just Added More Nonstop Flights to Martinique 

martinique hotel bakouaThe Hotel Bakoua in Martinique.

American Airlines has added more flights to Martinique for the rest of the summer season, Caribbean Journal has learned. 

The world’s largest airline is now flying four times per week between Miami and a place that’s very much the beating heart of the French Caribbean. 

American is currently operating flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from Miami International Airport and Martinique’s Aime Cesaire International Airport outside Fort-de-France. 

The service will be running through at least Sept. 10, the Martinique Tourism Authority confirmed to Caribbean Journal. 

It’s a big boost for the French Caribbean department, long one of the most fascinating destinations in the wider Caribbean, a remarkably diverse place to visit, from its position as the Caribbean Capital of Rum to sparkling beaches, broad watersports and an outstanding culinary scene

martinique villa
The Blue Moon villa in Le Diamant, Martinique.

So where should you go? 

At 436 square miles, with almost 400,000 people, Martinique is a big, diverse island, meaning while you can explore to your heart’s content thanks to its fabulous roads and infrastructure, it’s good to pick a primary destination. 

For history and culture lovers, there’s the town of Saint Pierre, the so-called Caribbean Pompeii and site of a dramatic volcanic eruption of Mont Pelee back in 1902. 

Nearby, there’s the beachy hotspot of Le Carbet, home to the world-renowned Rhum Neisson and the celebrated Le Petibonum beach bar led by Chef Guy Ferdinand. 

Guy Ferdinand, the island’s most famous chef and the propietor of the wonderful Le Petibonum beach bar in Le Carbet.

The capital, Fort-de-France, is a vibrant, culturally fascinating city, with art galleries, shopping, bakeries, eateries and a host of small, charming hotels, from the historic L’Imperatrice to the modern, oceanfront Simon. 

Across the Bay, there’s the tourist hotspot of Trois Ilets, a rich, fun destination filled with restaurants, beach bars and some spectacular views across to Fort-de-France. 

martinique hotels best
Hotel Plein Soleil in Le Francois.

To the south, there’s Le Diamant, one of the hottest beach towns in the Caribbean, with spectacular ocean-view and direct beachfront villas and a growing culinary scene. 

martinique beach sand
Plage du Bourg des l’Anse-d’Arlet.

As the Caribbean capital of rum, there are great rum distilleries within reach from just about every major destination on the island, from Rhum JM, Rhum Depaz and Rhum Neisson in the north of the island to Trois Rivieres and La Mauny at the south — with 12 on the island in total. 

That’s just the beginning though, for a destination that’s quickly getting on the radar of adventurous, sophisticated travelers who love the Caribbean. 

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