The Caribbean’s Hottest New Rum Festival Kicks Off in Bonaire 

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The hottest new rum festival in the Caribbean kicked off on Tuesday night in Bonaire. 

Bonaire Rum Week, the first major event on the island since the onset of the pandemic, launched with an opening party at the island’s signature bar, Rum Runners at Captain Don’s Habitat

Several hundred attendees enjoyed some of the region’s premier rums, including several top new rums from the Dutch Caribbean. 

That included the event’s headlining rum, Rum Papiamento, out of Aruba. 

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Roots Vibrations provided the soundtrack for Opening Night.

Reggae band Roots Vibrations provided the soundtrack for the oceanfront rum tasting, which featured rums including Papiamento; Rom Rincon; Papa’s Pilar; Don Q; Clifton Estate Rum; Rum San Pablo; Ron Barcelo; Dutch Head; Shaman’s Rum and Siesta Key.

The tasting bar.

The event was followed by a five-course rum-pairing dinner at Rum Runners. 

It all added up to a sign of Bonaire’s post-pandemic resurgence, shining the spotlight on the island’s impressive, growing culinary culture. 

“We couldn’t be happier with the opening for Bonaire Rum Week,” said Alexander Britell, editor and publisher of Caribbean Journal, which is organizing the event in collaboration with Tourism Corporation Bonaire. “It was a full-fledged celebration of premium rum in a truly spectacular setting on Bonaire’s pristine waters.”

The event continues all week, with tasting parties at Plaza Resort, the Buddy Dive Resort and the Divi Flamingo, along with a Rum Lunch at the Harbour Village, a rum pairing dinner at the Brass Boer and a rum-and-cigar pairing at Club Tropicana. 

There’s also the Diplomatico Cocktail Challenge at Tiki and Co, one of the island’s top bars. 

“This was the perfect way to begin what should be a fantastic week of rum,” said Guy Britton, managing editor and EVP of Caribbean Journal. 

“Bonaire is one of the region’s buzziest culinary destinations, and that includes a burgeoning spirits and cocktail culture,” he said.

Indeed, bars around the island are celebrating Bonaire Rum Week with special menus and rum lists for the occasion.

Caribbean Journal is also the company behind the Caribbean Rum Awards St Barth, the celebrated rum festival every November in St Barth (for more, visit the Caribbean Rum Awards St Barth).

For more, visit Bonaire Rum Week

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