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The Caribbean’s Most Exciting New Hotel Is Opening in Puerto Rico 

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They’re the two coolest hotels in all of Puerto Rico — chic, high-design hotels that share the same name: O:live. 

The first, the O:live Boutique Hotel, first opened its doors in 2012, followed by the O:LV Fifty Five, which began welcoming guests in 2018. 

Both are the pinnacle of cutting-edge hotel design, boutique gems that celebrate the new hospitality energy in Puerto Rico. 

Both are in Condado, the most fashionable district in San Juan, led by the husband and wife team of Loisse Herger and Fernando Davila, the pair that’s become arguably the hottest hotel development team on the island. 

And now the O:live brand is expanding. 

It’s called Aire de O:live, and it’s slated to open its doors later this year In a transformed building in the beach town of Isla Verde. 

That’s a big development for a brand that’s become synonymous with Condado cool; the new hotel will is about what Herger and Davila call “beachfront bohemian luxury.”

puerto caribbean hotel new

As for the look, Aire de O:live “gives off an air of being earthy, handmade, and if ever there was a time to use the word ‘organic’ it would be when describing its abundance of textured natural materials. ,” the team says. 

The hotel will have a total of 80 rooms, with raw wooden furnishings, tarnished ceramics and a “sense of bohemian laid-back luxury.”

puerto caribbean hotel new
What a room will look like.

It will also have a focus on sustainability, with sustainably-sourced fabrics for staff uniforms, low-energy lightbulbs, ceramic water bottles and even vegan toiletry dispensers, among other touches. 

The hotel has already opened what has become a signature for the O:live brand: a spectacular rooftop bar. 

puerto caribbean hotel new

The Isla Verde edition is called Kumo Rooftop, a “Japanese culinary journey at the heights of the hotel,” according to the property. 

Kumo has already debuted what has quickly become one of the island’s buzziest Sunday brunches. 

It’s early, but it’s already the most anticipated new opening in the Caribbean this year. 

For more, visit Aire de O:live

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