Tropic Ocean Airways Relaunching Flights From Miami Seaplane Base

bahamas tropic pretesting

Tropic Ocean Airways is relaunching outbound flights from the Miami Seaplane Base, Caribbean Journal has learned. 

That means travelers on the carrier be able to take off from the stunning location on Watson Island just off the coast of downtown Miami. 

Tropic will be offering charter service to South Florida and The Bahamas from the base; return flights will need to land in Fort Lauderdale, however. 

“Your flight will take off from a convenient location while you enjoy gorgeous views of the Miami skyline and blue waters,” the company said in a statement. 

The company operates charter service to destinations across The Bahamas with its fleet of Cessna seaplanes. 

The company said it would soon have more updates on the “full reopening” of the base. 

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