Carnival Breaks Ground on New Grand Bahama Cruise Port 

grand bahama carnivalThe groundbreaking ceremony.

A significant new cruise port project has broken ground on the island of Grand Bahama. 

Carnival Cruise Line’s new port will include a pier able to accommodate up to two of Carnivals’ Excel-class ships simultaneously. 

The cruise port itself will include an area designated as a nature reserve and an interior pool feature, along with Bahamian-operated retail, food and beverage options. 

“With the start of this Carnival project, Grand Bahama is now on the better side of reaching its true economic potential,” said Bahamas Prime Minister Philip Davis. “This investment will provide much needed jobs but will also signal new hope for the island’s recovery.”

The new port, which is slated to open in late 2024, is being developed on the southern coast of the island. 

Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy said the project “represents an opportunity to collaborate with the government and people of Grand Bahama — to contribute to the local economy through job and business opportunities, meaningfully engage with local communities and further expand our experience offerings for our guests who will have a breathtaking new port of call to enjoy.”

It’s the latest addition to Grand Bahama’s growing position as a cruise destination, including this week’s launch of Margaritaville’s new cruise line that sails exclusively to the island. 

“This cruise port is an integral part of our plan to restore Grand Bahama to economic viability,” said Bahamas Deputy Prime Minister and Tourism Minister Chester Cooper. “Carnival will play a critical role in stimulating our economy and shining a light on Grand Bahama as a rejuvenated and premier destination in our country and the region. We believe the excitement of what is happening on Grand Bahama will be contagious.”